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Iā€™m proud to present a new version of GraphQL Editor. Still beta 1.0. Below you can find list of features.

Anybody that would like to try please use 100% discount coupon LOBSTER-GQL month free. 100 seats available for free for lobster community.


  • Prototype visually new systems
  • Instant GraphQL Development Environment
  • Host your GraphQL Schema
  • Use schema versioning
  • Use web-based GraphiQL


  • Stitch multiple schemas
  • Visualize your systems
  • Onboard employees faster
  • Team Schema libraries
  • Manage access
  • Live collaboration


  • Auto fake backend
  • Generate queries from a schema
  • Visualize schema from GQL files

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    Good use for the release tag.

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      I was starting to be worried: it had been a while since the last GraphQL advertisement.

      Phew, I can finally sleep better!

      EDIT: Whohoo, double ad this week šŸŽ‰

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