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From the abstract:

Session is an open-source, public-key-based secure messaging application which uses a set of decentralised storage servers and an onion routing protocol to send end-to-end encrypted messages with minimal exposure of user metadata. It does this while also providing common features of mainstream messaging applications.

Their more user-friendly homepage can be found here: https://getsession.org/


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    I skimmed through the whitepaper, and it didn’t answer the most blatant question… Why does this need a blockchain? Surely using XMPP with OMEMO over Tor would remove a lot of complexity, and provide the same guarantees?

    Also, not a fan of the cloudflare wall I got, since this supposed to be about decentralisation and freedom from surveillance.

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      I guess it’s the same excuse as always:

      The other main advantage of a staked blockchain network is that Service Nodes earn rewards for the work they do. Service Nodes are paid a portion of the block reward minted upon the creation of each new block.

      Thought I have to admit that I missed this the first time I skimmed over the paper, and am a bit disapointed now. :/