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    It’s reassuring to see that others are bothered by the noise. I also did the dynamat upgrade on my Advantage, but haven’t felt the need to explore different key switches (I have the Advantage 2 LF model).

    At this point I’m waiting for the Advantage 360 before dropping any more money on keyboard things…

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      I would love to hear someone’s experience with the supposedly quieter red cherry Kinesis.

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        I have both. I forgot to grab the loud one from the office before lockdown, so I bought a new one for home, which was the quieter one (I honestly don’t think I did this on purpose… I just blindly bought one from Amazon).

        Yes, the quieter one is significantly quieter.

        I keep the loud one in the office. The office is noisy enough with white noise that it doesn’t seem to bother others. When I’m at home by myself, the quieter one definitely is a nicer option.

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        I would also recommend getting a deskpad to put the keyboard on. Any keyboard will have a softer sound if you’re using it on a deskpad. It also feels nice for your wrists and you don’t need a separate mousepad. This is the deskpad I got: https://novelkeys.com/collections/deskpads/products/zambumon-hexagon-deskpads Most mechanical keyboard shops have all kinds of deskpads.