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    I don’t know why but I have that weird fascination for the DNS protocol (the same for GeoTIFF and cloud-ready GeoTIFF files format for example). It is a good write up about it and an easy implementation to follow in Rust. Being not exposed that much to binary file format and how compact some can be besides the fact it is a hidden core part of the stack of the Internet push to discover more about it. It is a big rabbit hole especially the last few years where different vectors of attack were developed around that spec and the evolution of the domain from “Clound DNS”/CDN space, attacks like DNS spoofing, DNSSEC/DNSCurve, and so on.

    I simply found it fascinating how DNS (and BGP) layers works and attacks are crafted against those. Who knows why.

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      If you are really interested in this place, we’re always looking for new contributors in the trust-dns project: https://github.com/bluejekyll/trust-dns

      We have a pretty good start here I think.