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    I see “pick the right tool for the right job” all the time when it comes to whether someone should learn Alloy vs TLA+. I’m not a mathamagician though. Can someone provide a simple, concrete example of when to choose one or the other?

    For example, what would be the “right tool” for these jobs?

    • A frontend engineer writing a React news aggregation app.
    • A backend engineer writing a server that executes and serves templates and talks to 1 DB.
    • An architect designing a platform with Kubernetes and dozens of apps and datastores.

    Or is there a different way to think about this? The fear of picking the wrong tool is keeping me from learning anything. :/

    Additionally, I also have these questions.

    • Which tool is the most widely used?
    • Which tool has the most/best documentation? (I would consider doc with less math jargon to be more accessible. :P)
    • Which tool has the biggest/best online help, like forums or communities?