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      In case you were wondering, Lobste.rs is ranked 656,455.

      Keep in mind Cisco Umbrella is focused on US-based workplace networks. You’d get very different results looking at, say, Chinese mobile phones, or European home internet.

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      I think this is a useful data source for networking research, as it provides a list of the top 1 million domain names based on DNS queries (that pass through one of Cisco’s products). The list is easily accessible at:

      A similar list is also available from Apple (although I think this one was intended for internal Apple product usage only) at:

      However, none of these data sources (especially the Apple one) have licensing or usage terms…

      If anyone knows of other similar, free to use, data sources, please give a link.

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        It’s worth noting that Alexa, Umbrella and Co. have always had questionable stability issues and are susceptible to manipulation, leading to a host of networking research with reproducibility issues. The Majestic Million list is published under Creative Commons.

        There’s also work in aggregating lists to provide more desirable properties.