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    For more context on this submission: I recently launched an email-based bookmarking service forlater.email. It works by sending an email with a link (or links) to save@forlater.email, and you get a readable, clutter-free version of it in your inbox. It’s entirely free software; see: https://github.com/forlater-email, or https://git.icyphox.sh/forlater.

    I figured the technical breakdown would be a better submission to Lobsters, as opposed to the actual site itself. Happy to hear what everyone thinks.

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      I like the concept, but I don’t see any error handling other than logging there was an issue and dropping the received item.

      Am I missing something? If not, do you plan to have a way to deal with errors, such as returning e.g. a bounce message to the sender?

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        For mail that contain “unreadable” links, i.e., ones that I can’t extract any content out of, I respond back with the link as is, with an appropriate message.

        For other messages that don’t contain any links etc. — you are correct — I just log it and chuck it. I don’t feel it worth it wasting a message (I have a limited amount I get for free from Mailgun) to reply with an error. All you (generic) have to do is send a link (or links); that’s hard to get wrong, IMO.

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          Ah yes, I didn’t spot that. Sounds like a good setup, thanks for the info.

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      Hey! I thought I recognized your username. I’m 3 levels down from you on the user invite tree!

      Cool project

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        Hey icy,

        Why don’t you just use RSS? Asking for a friend. ;)

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          I do, actually. RSS is great, but it doesn’t solve the problem of bookmarking random pages in the wild.