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New project website launched today: https://autometrics.dev/

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      This looks quite useful! I recently instrumented a codebase with something similar (though not codegen, just some context-based spans in hot paths) and it took a while. I like the editor integration, though it would be nice if the hover even showed some live data!

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        That’s in the works! We’re looking into building up a little library that can render the raw Prometheus data so we can include it in the VS Code extension.

        The tedium you describe is definitely one of the things that motivated this project. So many people end up writing basically the same instrumentation code. And, by standardizing the metrics, we can share a lot more across teams.

        Out of curiosity, what language is that code base in? And were you setting up metrics, traces, or both?

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        Also I peeked at your profile and saw you mainly do Go. Two of my colleagues worked on a first version of a Go implementation but we’re definitely not experts. We’d love to hear any feedback you might have on https://github.com/autometrics-dev/autometrics-go!