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    meh. I think I’d rather not see submissions like this. What have I learned, that there are jobs for pdp-11 programmers? Thinking about it would conclude if there are legacy systems then there must be legacy jobs.

    One of the things that bothers me about other link sites is the endless parade of wikipedia articles, read the source for this fool’s web page, haha look at this animated gif wells fargo uses, and so forth. On the surface it seems kind of interesting, but anybody who cares about the topic is likely well aware or at least capable of finding such info themselves.

    A good link aggregator connects a publication with its intended audience. The question to ask before submitting then becomes, are we the intended audience or are we just rubber necking?

    Is anybody here looking for a pdp-11 job? I’d guess not. If you think there’s some insight to be gained, write a blog post and submit that. If you don’t want to submit a blog post consisting entirely of the sentence “There are still pdp-11 jobs”, that’s kind of my point.

    Just my thoughts. I don’t sit on the Lobsters Editorial Review Board.

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      I agree with most of that, though this post does have a “job” tag so it is at least on-topic. You can always filter out submissions with tags you don’t care about.

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      Sorry tedu, you’re right. Perhaps the subject should be ‘there are still pdp-11 jobs’ as you’ve said. I’ve brought that in mostly with that in mind, so I agree with what with your points here.