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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

(@caius seems to be a bit late :))

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      Playing Ludum dare games (https://ldjam.com/). It’s a game jam that was on last weekend, for the next while anyone that entered can play and rate other people’s games. I made a little block puzzle game. Anyone else here enter?

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        Nice to see another participant on Lobsters! I entered too, I made a dungeon crawler of sorts. I’ve been a bit busy with work during the week but I’m also planning to play lots of jam games this weekend.

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      I’m going to try writing my first Rust program. A sort of org-babel knockoff, but based around markdown info strings instead of #+BEGIN_SRC because I’m too old to change.

      This idea started as “re-implement cram, but markdown, so that you can group tests with ##headers and only re-run a subset of tests.” But the scope has sort of ballooned in my head, and I hope to get it to the point that it can ease the writing of my Nix nonsense, which currently involves a lot of copying and pasting from my terminal. Certainly won’t get that far this weekend. But hopefully I can learn what a str is. Baby steps.

      Also, I built a little lap desk this week out of cork+plywood+sheet steel+leather, to which my keyboard and wrist rests can attach magnetically. (I have a very lightweight split keyboard, and I was sick of it slipping around on my normal lap desk and messing up the spacing/angle, and now it stays exactly where I want it.) But this has opened up a pandora’s box of Fun Magnetic Accessories, so I expect to waste some time this weekend carving a little cable organizer, a mount for a task light, and probably other silly things I don’t really need.

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      Installing a washer/dryer in my mother-in-law’s house.

      My father is coming to visit, now that everyone’s vaccinated.

      Might make coq au vin.

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      1. Swapping my partially-failed PinePhone motherboard out for a replacement that’s also capable of convergence mode.
      2. Using a welder for the first time (hopefully to fix a small hole in our dishwasher). It turns out I’d rather learn to weld than wash dishes by hand.

      (1) is probably the most relevant here :) I’m trying to answer the question of whether I really need a laptop, or whether I can get away with a phone running Mobian and a docking station. We’ll see :)

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        Swapping my partially-failed PinePhone motherboard out for a replacement that’s also capable of convergence mode.

        Are (or were you, before the partial failure) you daily driving the pinephone? That convergence mode sounds like it could be great. Please post your opinion once you get to try it.

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          I was trying to, before the motherboard failed. Currently the front camera is producing only very blurry images, and the USB-C docking bar isn’t working.

          Once I’ve got those issues (in particular the camera issue) sorted I’ll give it another go.

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            So those issues aren’t related to the motherboard failure?

            I’m really hoping this phone gets good to use as just a phone, because I’d very much like to carry it with that psion style keyboard case that’s in the works, but only if it can fill my voice calling and camera type needs in addition to being a great little computer.

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              No, those seem to be a) a driver problem, and b) a kernel version problem. It’s fine for use as a phone right now, IMO. If I didn’t have kids (and so want to have a somewhat decent camera with me to capture ‘moments’) I’d probably have already switched.

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        Good luck! I did the motherboard swap a little while ago, it was pretty quick and easy. The only problem I had was the coaxial cable lifted the connector off the old motherboard, and I couldn’t get the connector out of the cable. I ended up having to order a new cable, but it went on just fine.

        I haven’t tried convergence mode yet, but the extra RAM and the battery drain fix have been very nice.

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          Thanks! The swap was remarkably painless, despite my general dislike of small fiddly ribbon cables. (Inexcusable in a laptop; necessary in a phone). Appreciate the tip about the coax connector; I gently coaxed it off the board and the cable remained usable.

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      So am stuck under 520 points for the last few months with my Olympic air pistol training. Going to start upon an isometric lift/hold training app for iPhone. Good opportunity as well to have a peek into Motion API and refresh my Swift in general.

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      I’m a little late to this, (it’s Saturday night here as I write this).

      But anyway. This weekend is yet another instalment of “if you want it done properly, do it yourself”, with a particular focus on putting up a new gutter on the carport (and steel support for said gutter) because the ‘builders’ who put up the last one, thought a fascia board was a good place to attach it to - what could possibly go wrong, right?.

      Hint: Water is heavy.

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      Working on a new program called alrm.

      It’s goal is to be a cross-platform CLI alarm (on Windows and Linux), and a GUI (probably a kotlin wrapper around the program) for Android.

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      Going to inventory all my servers, VMs and containers (and the services running in each). I have been consolidating a lot of these so it’s easier to maintain. Every now and then I take a look at the services I use the least and get rid of them also (or replace with something more useful).

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      Just joined the HappyLab hackerspace in Berlin and finally getting back to building my animatronic butterfly jewelry which had been so delayed by pandemic’s shipping issues and most hackerspaces being closed. After a few hours I’ve debugged my motors and (after much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair) got Arduino and Fusion360 working after a year of not touching them.

      BTW, if anyone is suffering with Arduino on Arch/Manjaro (raises hand), the best solution I’ve found is to boot to another OS and try from there. Literally nothing else works. Same crap last year on a different install.

      Looking forward to using the CNC to cut my tiny kinda-gears (they’re gears, but not quite. So not exactly off-the-shelf)

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      Grades are due early this coming week, so I’m grading, mostly. Some interesting final projects. In my programming languages class the final project is to choose a language other than the most popular ones (Python, Java, C++, etc.), learn it to beginner level, and do an analysis of its syntax, semantics, design process, community, target audience, etc. The languages chosen by at least one group this year were: ComputerCraft, Erlang, Julia, Lua, Ruby, Rust, Scheme, Solidity, SQL, and Swift.