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    It would be fantastic if people who post announcements for a new release of X could also post a comment explaining what X is. I’ve read the release announcement and I still don’t actually know. I could go and dig into the rest of the site but a one-paragraph overview from the submitter would tell me if this is worth the effort.

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      From the About section at the top of the page:

      Selenium is a suite of tools for automating web browsers.

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      We’ve introduced “relative locators”. These allow you to specify where on the page an element can be found using language that people use too; things like “above that element”, or “to the right of this other element”. This will hopefully provide you all with a tool to fight against incredibly complex locators, making your tests read a little more clearly, and being more resilient to changes in the page’s DOM

      This sounds pretty neat, IMO selectors are one of the worst parts of browser automation