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    Why Pony instead of a more mature language?

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      I wrote a post about that a while back, its not complete with all reasons but it provides a decent overview of some of our thinking.

      The short version is we wanted to leverage the Pony runtime rather than write our own. For the use cases we had in mind, Erlang was going to be problematic and we were pretty much down to writing our own runtime from scratch in something like C/C++ (maybe Rust) or taking the plunge with Pony and leveraging its runtime.

      Writing a lock-free, high-performance runtime for safely accessing data and running multiple threads is no small task.


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        Awesome, thanks for the writeup! I’m glad to hear you all did your homework. :)

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          Great write up and I really love your iterative approach on prototyping + not falling in the fallacies of optimizing too early the wrong parts. Congrats!