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    This looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. I’m planning on taking a 1 day trip up from southern California to attend.

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      We’re glad you’re coming, and excited to see the enthusiasm for it – as simple as the notion is, it seems to have struck a nerve. And please consider submitting a talk idea as well!

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        The whole conference reminds me a lot of !!Con, which I spoke at in 2014. I plan to submit a talk for this, though haven’t quite stumbled upon a good idea yet.

        Thanks for putting this together!

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          The similarity to !!Con is half (but only half) coincidence: when I approached Julia about being on the PC for Systems We Love, she mentioned her work on !!Con, a conference that I have never attended but have coveted from afar. Julia agreed to be on the Systems We Love PC (w00t!) and gave some very helpful feedback in terms of both drafting the call for proposals and structuring the mechanics of the PC. So while not directly inspired by !!Con, it’s also true that it taps into the same zeitgeist – may it be as successful!

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          Nice write-up on i432. Glad you took some time to read on it. I’ll add that Intel learned from their mistake quite a bit in the design of i960. It’s worth checking out. It’s basically a RISC + object descriptors + error handling + fault tolerance + parallel processing. It overdid it with more mistakes due to requirements of ridiculous BiiN project. They canceled that then started selling it as an embedded CPU. It performed well. Moreover, I see a subset of it that would’ve made a fine alternative to Intel 286, etc with way better security, reliability, and multicore later.


          What did you think of it?

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        Just bought my ticket this morning. Can’t wait!

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          This looks great. I’ll see if we can push our California trip out a couple of weeks.