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    One entry for this blog is enough: https://lobste.rs/s/vdygf1. Those who are interested in more can subscribe to the RSS…

    (ping @pushcx for folding)

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      I care about this, and I didn’t see the first entry.

      I flagged your comment, because I think it’s rude.

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        Fair enough. I’m not looking forward for 25 different submissions from the same blog. We had that issue last year too.

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          The old one was merged into the Advent of Code 2020 promotion thread, which might be why you didn’t see it. It’s standard lobsters practice to merge pieces that are on the same topic if they come out in the same week.

          I think the issue here is that the old piece wasn’t so much about AoC as it was about Raku, as is this piece, so these two should be merged together but not part of the AoC megathread.