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    Made more difficult by the fact Guido intentionally gimped lambdas

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      It’s ugly, but not really abusing edge cases of Python’s lambdas or anything. The techniques in this article are pretty common in computer generated code.

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          It’s funny, because reading this code reminded me of how JS modularity used to be done.

          Not in single lines, but with a lot of passing in deps explicitly like this.

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              On the contrary, it does not explain how to avoid them, but how to abuse them in ways you should NEVER use.

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                Yep, I misunderstood the title in the same way but after reading the “article” it actually turned out to be very sensible. Maybe a bit click-baity title.

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                  Perhaps should be editorialized a tiny bit to say “How NOT to use lambdas”?

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                Did you read the article?