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    In the final section, it’s worth mentioning APUE, which is a fantastic reference for what’s portable and what isn’t. The first edition was amazing. The second edition (which I have) is a bit dated, but covers Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and Solaris. I haven’t read the third edition.

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      Yes, its a great book. Good that it got its 2nd edition on 2005 which updated it a lot.

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      It is funny to me to rule out old books from this list. For system administration things do go out of date, but I think development and architecture books have very long life times. For years I have wanted to make a big list of every unix book, but I can’t seem to find plain text library catalogs to enable the creation of the list. I’ll try and remember to do a response post with some of the development focused books I have.

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        I would like to see that list please :)

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          Yes, I would like to see this list as well.