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    All of the “is X a Y?” questions are supposed to be answered “no”, right? :) I don’t even think OpenBSD devs would call their product secure, they’re more than aware that there’s no absolute security, only a gradient and at best you can be closer to secure than other people are.

    Still, this was an interesting talk and insight like this is much appreciated. I don’t know if this is just me but stein came across as bitter for no reason. But maybe that’s just the way he’s handling the anxiety associated with public performances. Either way, time well spent.

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      I don’t even think OpenBSD devs would call their product secure

      When I log into OpenBSD it says:

      Welcome to OpenBSD: The proactively secure Unix-like operating system.


      BTW: Should it be “log into” or “login to”?

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          BTW: Should it be “log into” or “login to”?

          Neither, because you don’t log onto the OpenBSD website.

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            I meant the OS (via SSH), not the website ;)

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            I’d say it should be “proactively secured”. English is not Theo’s first language. ;) /excuses

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            understandable, considering those tweets and toots were saying he was setting himself up for international humiliation and other things of the sort, I too, would be bitter

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            This isn’t stein from jcs.org, is it?

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              No he is not jcs :)

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                I don’t think so, because @jcs is a OpenBSD dev, while this person says “[a few weeks ago …] I didn’t know much about OpenBSD”, in the introduction.