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    An interesting quote I stumbled upon last week “The ‘s’ in IoT stands for ‘secure’ “ - quite an apt comment I thought. The whole nature of “IoT” is connectivity no matter the costs, users for some reason see the benefit of having their fridge connected to their home WiFi, but the vendors (as a majority) never release a firmware patch or update in the wake of new vulnerabilities, this was apparent earlier this year with the findings of KRACK.

    Vendors now are too interested in shipping a working product, as opposed to a well tested extendible product, because they want to force you to buy new products when yours gets old, or if they add a facetime feature so you can facetime your groceries from work. No wonder so many people struggle for money these days, people just get sucked in.

    With regards to the article, TLS (and SSL) provide security between the connection origin and the destination, if your cheap device was rooted at another point, this becomes worthless.