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      Well done! Nice that it fits in so little code. :)

      A tiny note on the game design: In normal invaders, the alien ships come closer to you, increasing the tensions as the level goes on. In this game, it’s basically the hardest in the first 3 seconds of a new level, and after that gets easier. That makes the ending of each level pretty anticlimactic.

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        Thank you for the nice feedback! I have now updated the game to make the ships gradually descend as each game level progresses. The lesser is the number of ships remaining on the screen, the faster is the rate of descent. Ultimately, if a ship manages to descend to the same level as that of the player, the ship moves rapidly towards the player, collides with the player, and ends the game. I am hoping this would keep the player on their toes all the time because a ship coming too close would result in the player losing immediately.