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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Celebrating having been alive for another revolution around the sun.

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        That makes the 2 of us. Happy birthday!

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      I decided to change my diet a little over a week ago:

      • Close to 0 fructose, absolutely no sucrose.
        • Glucose isn’t as bad, since I’m not diabetic, but fructose is only processed by the liver.
        • A potato here or there is okay; fresh fruit is a rare treat. Vegetables are fine. No juices.
      • No vegetable seed oils.
      • Only eating between 11 AM and 7 PM.
        • Eventually I’ll narrow the time bands down to a 4 hour window.
      • There are some other things in this genre that people generally advise too (e.g. no alcohol), but don’t apply to me (n.b. I didn’t drink alcohol anyway).

      Even though it’s been only about 10 days, I feel a lot better. I’m sleeping better and have more energy. The first 5 days, I felt worse, but that’s expected.

      Yesterday, my housemates and I got a membership at a 24/7 gym. So my weekend plans are to start a regular exercise regimen and be more physically active.

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        I wanted to recommend you exercise. Gyms did never work out for me. Sooner or later you’ll pay the fee and not attend. I might be different if you do it in a group (I hope so).

        What did work for me is to incorporate exercise in my day. Like going to the train station with the bicycle (2×6.5 km a day in my case). The first 2 weeks have been hard, later you do not even sweat, after you got used to the exercise.

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          I’m aware of the perils of gym memberships and how life can interfere with better habits. We’ve got a plan.

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        Are there more resources about LA / Om-6 related findings that have convinced you? I have tried searching and the amount of evidence I have encountered seems not that large either way.

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          Part of this is an experiment to verify the claims I’ve seen abroad.

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            There is quite a lot of evidence (including some fascinating studies on large numbers of monozygotic twins) that suggests that there are no universal dietary models for humans. If it works for you, it might not work well for even someone with identical genetics but a different gut microbiome. The best advice I’ve seen is to stop doing things that don’t work for you, even if there are studies that show that they work for large cohorts and keep doing things that do work for you. There is a company called Zoe that tries to do this a little bit scientifically by making people wear a blood sugar monitor and record what they eat, to try to correlate with other people that have similar responses and provide personalised nutrition advice, but I think the amount of data that they’re getting is not sufficient to do it properly (though it is better than nothing).

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              Sure, but I’m not measuring success the same way most people do when they diet.

              If I don’t lose a single pound, but I feel better and can move around easier, then I have succeeded.

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                You might want to look up the studies related to chronic fatigue syndrome and diet. They typically have the same goals and there have been quite a few published in the last decade.

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                Walk more. Easier said than done, I know from experience.

                A relative has been hospitalized couple months back and I have visited them frequently. We had 1-2 hours long walks inside the hospital areal. I have lost couple kg in a month and my physique improved quite a bit.

                I’ve regressed since, because I have not been able to match that regimen.

                Aside from that, I started using sugar again couple months back. After many years of trying to avoid it completely. The trick is to only drink sugary drinks when you have the matching output. I can drink a small bottle when teaching or doing manual labor and my weight does not change at all. Way better than abstain and than crash. I still avoid plain fructose, though.

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      I’m at PyCon US in Salt Lake City

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        If you’re still there (and it’s still there - it’s over 15 years since I was), look for a bar called the Bayou. They had the best selection of beers I’ve seen anywhere (not as many as Delirium in Brussels, but a wider variety of styles). They also did great 50:50 fries (half sweet potato, half potato). You need to be a member to go in, but you can buy a day’s membership on the door and take as many guests as you like.

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      Pondering next career steps. I need to decide fairly soon if I want to stay at Microsoft, if I want to pursue one of the other opportunities that has appeared recently, or if I want to look for something else. I’m working with some great people at the moment, but I think more people that I enjoy working with have left the company than have stayed at this point.

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        P.S. Happy to take suggestions, feel free to message me. I would like to ship the first CHERI silicon and I’m wondering where I’d be best placed to do that.

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      PyCon US :D

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      Since I’ve been laid off, I’ll probably brush up on a couple of languages I haven’t used in ages given that they’re necessary for a couple of interviews. Might tinker with my servers a bit, too. Other than that? Spend some time outside in the sunshine since it’s warming up.

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      Driven across to Wales in the convertible to visit my mate/his boat for the weekend. We have some measuring & marking up to do for new hardware being fitted on the deck, and probably some new wiring to put in as well. As well as exploring the local cafe for breakfast, and the local takeaways for dinners.

      I’d been contemplating moving the Z4 (convertible) on and possibly swapping it for an MX-5 again, but driving it over in the afternoon sun with the roof down is just incorrigible.

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      Gardening take almost all of my spare time these days.

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      Trying to get the apartment in shape, I want to spend less mental effort ignoring the mess surrounding me when I start my new job Monday.

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        Congratulations on the new job!

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      Going to London to support my brother who is taking part in the marathon.

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      Going back to my beloved Beat Saber~

      And probably resisting the urge to start a pay-as-you-go image hosting service to replace imgur.

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        It’s been on my mind too… (not Beat Saber, I’ve yet to dive into VR)

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          Gimme your pitch, I’m curious. :-D

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      I’m starting a new job Monday, so I’ll be meeting the boss for dinner tomorrow

      I’ve been working on vite(st) integration for coil and its been quite nice, specifically with a react wrapper library & even in source testing which vitest nicely already supports. Nice to not have to reinvent the wheel.

      My band is playing a screamo fest (zbr fest) in chicago in may, and due to a bandmate injury we’re getting an old bandmate to fill in on bass, first practice with him on sunday :)

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      Finishing the implementation of a new formula engine for React Spreadsheet which supports dependant formulas and ranges. https://github.com/iddan/react-spreadsheet/pull/248

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      I’m going to inventory and pack a good portion of our basement in preparation for our move from Maryland to Colorado this June.

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      Learn a bunch about linker scripts, to hopefully get something running on an RV32I core I implemented in Logisim.

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      Well I tried to 3D print a replacement thinkpad keycap, but it failed for obvious reasons. I’m very experienced with FDM printing and no matter what tricks I had up my sleeve (0.1mm nozzle, 0.05mm layer height (yep! you read right!)), the little clamps were too weak and would break too easily. So replacing my keyboard entirely is on the agenda (as I was writing, the replacement came in). Can’t wait to get a resin printer for things like this.

      Tonight seeing some friends to hang, and Saturday I’m doing nothing. Did way too much work this week and fried my mental capacity. In other news my wheat growing experiment is frickin’ working! It’s all sprouting on the side of my house really well. ~1.5 weeks to see it sprout. Can’t wait to harvest the 10x3 foot area in 4 months.

      I would like to touch some code CAD this weekend but eh, like I said, the brain’s mush. Only myself to blame.

      Have a good one everyone :)

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      More book (at 661 pages now), some mm patches and probably some debate on the mm mailing list.

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      I got food poisoning from some foreign Italian supper on vacation two days ago. The shots at the government hospital helped, but as my last visit to the boys’ room proved, I still have a ways to go before (hopefully) recovery.

      I’ve been playing with my new Android-based e-reader which is low-stress, but boy could we do a better job making sites and apps more legible (make your body fonts #000 and drop the non-essential drop shadows). I know there are browser queries for wanting higher contrast but it’s unclear how to set them. I’m a bit upset Fx Android’s Reader Mode doesn’t include a save for offline option.

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      Still re-learning how to walk.

      Going to see about putting this Axum/Sqlite thing on a remote host.

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        Still re-learning how to walk.

        Ouch. I wish you all the best with that!