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I found that there is no tag to discuss meta-issues of free software (alternatively open software, or both). law doesn’t quite cut it.

I’d suggest foss and/or opensource as tags.

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    I think the “culture” tag has been used for that in the past.

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      Though, for example, the GNOME issue doesn’t fit culture, but it does fit FOSS.

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      An opensource tag would certainly be nice :) I imagine a lot of posts would be tagged with it, both for meta issues and new projects but that seems okay!

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        My concern is that this will get abused. You intend it to discuss foss issues, but I expect it’ll get used for basically anything that happens to be (free) open source software.

        Maybe foss-meta to help clarify the intent?

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          I think beer would be funny but probably just as abused.

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            I wouldn’t mind people also using it for FOSS software, as opposed to open source, if both would be introduced. foss-meta sounds a bit heavy. On a second thought, my use of meta is wrong, as issues of FOSS are not meta, once you can name them. They just don’t fit into the current tag structure, which is very based on explicit projects.

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              This is actually one of those cases in which distinguishing the Free Software movement from open source is actually pretty helpful.

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            I think a oss or foss tag would be great.