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    I thought initially this is something akin to PlantUml but with better and more thought out language but this looks like function grapher.

    PlantUML is awesome, I use it on any project, but its syntax differences between various diagram types feel to me like multiple languages. I can’t program PlantUML without a reference manual each time, no matter how much I use it - although I never use it constantly, but with bursts of activity and then longer periods of abstinence (witch itself is not atypical for my work style, I typically use 20+ or so languages on any project, many in small amounts)

    Anyway, there is not much about this Penrose on link, site is extremely non informative. CBB to find better resources when native place didn’t provide basics.

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      I don’t think this is a useful link, it’s just a link to a “sign up for more info!” page. I’d prefer a direct link to the repo, or to the paper.

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        The site actually includes links to both, so it is arguably more useful than a link to either.

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          I agree that the form is a bit prominent, but it gives a good entry point to the different resources, of which the Git repo is admittedly the most interesting at the moment – but the repo doesn’t have a nice rotating diagram ;)

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          clearly the repository is hidden in the website