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Honestly not sure if this is satire…


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    COBOL ON COGS is just a joke page without any actual COBOL behind it, but the “real” thing does exist: http://adrianzandberg.pl/cobol-on-wheelchair/

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        Yeah, it was funny shit. I looked for COBOL, Fortran, and PL/I frameworks for some pranks on younger developers. I found, but never tried, COBOL ON COGS. Nothing on PL/I. However, you might like the Fortran find:


        The linked tutorial for FastCGI was first I found. Later, saw that author on Hacker News sharing an updated version. I told him he needs to do a useful, small, web applications that a bunch of JS or Java programmers might like. Put the source on various places such as Github. Never mention it’s Fortran. Record the reactions. :)