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Rails 4.0 has yet to be released, but since it might be here by Christmas, it’s time to start getting ready.

Some Rails 4.0 features can be used today, and I describe how in the whirlwind tour I recently put together for the Atlanta Ruby Users Group.

Highlights of Rails 4.0:

  • Rails.queue
  • strong_parameters
  • Turbolinks
  • Russian Doll Caching (cache_digests)
  • ActionController::Live (streaming)
  • PATCH verb
  • Routing concerns
  • Extraction of activeresource
  • ActiveRecord::Relation changes and improvements
  • Removal of plugin support (not gems; only those that are installed in vendor/plugins)
  • Removal of Rails 2 finder syntax
  • Deprecation of most dynamic finders
  • Deprecation of eager-evaluated scopes
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    If anyone has any questions about these features, I’m here to answer.