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      Seems like this change will be reverted soon.

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        What a trashfire. Also, I am kinda amazed at the number of people who apparently don’t know that Windows has memory-mapped file support–wonder what they’ll think about IO completion ports. :3

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          I long ago gave up trying to explain to people what Windows can and cannot do. Most devs I run into seem to believe Windows has been stagnant since 1995. It’s really hard to break through that. I’m still showing people basic stuff, like filenames over 255 characters, using volume snapshots to handle backups with open files, etc. To your specific point, I remember being amused when epoll got added to Linux, because some of my friends were like, “see, Linux is gonna be even more better than it already was in the I/O department,” and meanwhile I was sitting there staring at overlapped I/O and being sad Linux was about to reinvent the wheel with zero hindsight.

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            A statement I like to say is “Windows is the technically superior operating system in almost every way” in part because I genuinely know it to be true, but also because it just provokes the most ridiculous reactions out of people who have no clue what they’re talking about.

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      The tech industry isn’t used to having its key collaborators on landmark technical achievements be anonymous people from 4chan…

      I recall discussing prismatic identity with moot. People are not one single avatar on one single forum. Not knowing them at all, I primarily see Slaren as a pseudonymous person from GitHub.

      This is tangent to the tendency to anthropomorphize LLaMA derivatives. I don’t quite understand why people would do such a thing, but I suspect that it is due to not seeing the prismatic nature of large language models.