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      I have the same goal but used different hardware: a ring light from aliexpress, a rasperry pi and a 64Mpixels cam from Arducam (with autofocus) (well, I /think/ I used the 64Mpixel one rather than the 16Mpixel ones).

      The results:

      The first picture looks radioactive due to my edits in darktable in order to improve the readability of labels. I’ve gotten better with darktable since then and I think I would make something better now. ;-)

      I get some haze from the ring light. Far less than with a flash or a point light but still some. Moreover with the pi on the ring light, I need a remote trigger in order to not touch the setup and keep it stable (and I should add a level or a pattern). I don’t use a specific lens and instead I rely on the 64Mpixels being enough (which they are).

      My ultimate goal is to make something that can do three things:

      • take pictures of PCBs like above,
      • HDMI microscope I can use for soldering because the Pi has a direct camera input -> hdmi output and latency is low,
      • take pictures of my administrative documents (sounds overkill but I feel much better sending clean pictures of my documents and the hardware is already there).
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        Those pictures are wonderfully buttery!

        The 64Mpixel Arducam looks damn nice. What does your software stack look like? How far is your camera and ring light mounted above the board?

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          Minimal focus distance is advertised as 15cm iirc but I was able to get closer. Something like 12cm I think. The ring light is very slightly above (it’s basically https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/Sc17ba463d9db4d96be4555e7a04c4528v/26CM-Photography-Lighting-Phone-Ringlight-Tripod-Stand-Photo-Led-Selfie-Remote-Fill-Ring-Light-Lamp-Video.jpg ). I had the rpi held by the hardware and the camera taped to the rpi; it should be possible to do better since the connectors are the standard but I haven’t tried yet.

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      The composition trick to find and then delete the background is really neat. :)