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    Ordinarily not a big fan of tire fire of the week stories, but something about this story struck me. Amazing how a series of little screwups quickly turns colossal: asking for private info over email, setting up reply all, users who actually responded…

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      Not a shock that Essential’s first screw up is a security one when your Head of Security is a dog named Cosmo https://www.essential.com/about#team

      Rubin seems to be continuing his Android legacy of abysmal security.

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        Oh dear, they’re going to have a ruff time.

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          I think Cosmo may be in charge of physical security.

          (which means no one is in charge of device security)

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            Part of the joy of networked devices is I can physically control them from a remote location. Remotely controlled physical switches are great until you have to travel to actually fix them :~)

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        In case anyone wonders why this matters: many states consider driver’s license numbers to be identifiers AND authentication for things like filing taxes. A picture of a driver’s license is enough information to file a fraudulent state tax return for a large rebate.