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      Thanks for showing how smoothly PeerTube can work and integrate into a website, I wasn’t aware!

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        Works great on mobile, too!

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      Takeway: I need to start using PeerTube.

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        That’s a take-away I can be happy with.

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          Great article as usual too! I really enjoy your posts so I read everything you write, even when it’s not the kind of stuff I’m usually interested in.

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            Wow, thank you for that. I’m glad you enjoy reading them.

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      That live stream archive and this quote: “with infinite paper and a lovely noise during printing.” Choice.

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      This is awesome! What keyboard are you using? :D

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        Kinesis Freestyle Pro

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      This brings back memories of when I was a kid (in the 90ies), I bought a color dot matrix printer for my saved pocket money. Perhaps I could have saved for an Inkjet printer, but the ink cartridges were so horribly expensive. Whereas, with the color dot matrix I could buy new color ribbon for a measly 10 Dutch guilders [1]. I loved turning in homework done with LaTeX with some color (just because I could) :).

      [1] Those ribbons have several color bands, like this: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:4_colour_and_black_dot_matrix_printer_ribbons.JPG