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    pour one out for the lonely geniuses building their startup using tsql and sharepoint

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      When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a thumb…

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        Hey, I actually enjoy fiddling with SharePoint on the weekend!

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          Wow, I’ve heard some pretty horrific things in my time but that takes the cake!


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        I think we would need the related “Which users are the most active during Weekends” article.

        It would be interesting to see if the people interested by Microsoft products by week are the same that are interested by Haskell on weekend…

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          Those would be the folks who write F# :P.

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          Haskell was the language we used in PL’s/compilers classes in college. If that’s common, I wonder if that explains it - college kids working on assignments on the weekends.

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            Or that people are currently interested in FP and game development and don’t have the time or liberty to experiment in their jobs / schools.

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            This post on Hacker News points out that the variance measure has a sample size related flaw so the funnel shape is probably incorrect. It’s likely that the items on the right hand side of the graph should be expanded out.

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              Given working conditions for game programmers I would think that the overlap is between “things a game programmer might use” and “used on weekends” might be high. OpenGL seems to support that idea.

              Or maybe there are alot of frustrated CRUD developers playing around with graphics. I know I’ve been guilty of that a few times.

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                It’s not something to be “guilty” of! It makes perfect sense to want to do fun, different, non-work programming on the weekends.

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                  Just a figure of speech. At the first ever Gophercon hackathon I actually did play around a bit with go-qml and OpenGL at the hack day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvI6Q1a3ksU

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                I think in this context, it’s less what do you do and more what do you struggle with, since this chart is by what questions were asked. Haskell is pretty cool, but does have some learning hurdles due to the pervasive use of formal mathematical speak in that language’s culture.