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    I’m surprised to see this shared here: the article says that the tribe built a network but provides no technical details about how they did so.

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      right from the article, they’re using the 2.5GHz radio band to broadcast wireless signal in a manner analogous to cellphone towers. that is both enough to let me understand how it works at a high level, and enough to feel that the details I don’t know probably require me to read up on how internet-over-radio works in general rather than the specifics of their implementation.

      I would have liked to read more about what equipment needs to be installed in people’s homes to make this work, but that’s all I felt the lack of.

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        Maybe we can have some fun speculating in this thread?

        How would you do it?

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          I’ve heard good things about carrier pigeons, it’s even RFC’d I think.

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            It is