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    I think it would be better if companies contributed cash to the open source projects they use. Case in point OpenSSL.

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      Would be cool if companies could be charged monthly a certain amount of choice with various dials for how much of the total they want to donate to each individual OSS project they really care about. I’m thinking Humble Indie Bundle, but recurring monthly. E.g. would be cool if someone could work on your favorite framework full-time thanks to this monthly bill.

      You could lobby for certain features with more donations… oh wait…

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        Some of us in the Ruby world have come up with something related, though not the same: https://rubytogether.org/

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          ruby.berlin does offer such services for Germany.

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          Cash can be an issue. It adds bookkeeping to the project and many people don’t want to set up a personal business for that.

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          This is a great idea. I’m lucky in that I get to work on an open source codebase as my full time job, and am expected to file pull requests upstream to improve any of the projects we use in our project, but I’ve worked plenty of places where that is discouraged and it’s a real shame.

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            The real reason you should do it is because it will make your product better

            But it probably won’t improve it as much as if you worked directly on your product.