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It would be great is Lobsters supported “prefers-color-scheme: dark“. Is there a reason why this isn’t used? It’s such a simple thing to add.

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      Maybe because the dark mode is not that great for our eyes?

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        Absolutely (and thanks for posting a link to my blog! :)) it’s not great for your eyes, but it’s about giving users the choice.

        I don’t use dark mode 90% of the time, but from time to time it’s nice to have the ability to switch if you want to.

        Plus, some people prefer it. :)

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          With all due respect, some random guy saying it’s bad for me, won’t change my personal experience of how much better it feels when the color-scheme is right.

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      A dark mode did exist but it was reverted:

      https://github.com/lobsters/lobsters/pull/823 https://github.com/lobsters/lobsters/commit/65b0b3422d71432db4d3b78f15fd46133a120caf .

      Firefox support is mentioned but Chrom{e,ium} isn’t any better - in the name of intuitive user experience, no theme selection UI is exposed on the desktop builds, unlike on mobile builds.

      The irc channel is a good place to talk about this kind of stuff: https://lobste.rs/chat

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        Why was it reverted? What needs to happen for it to come back?

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          Firefox support is half-baked. There’s no user or devtool UI to toggle between states, inspecting an element always shows the style for ::selection instead of the element, and it lists the name of a color variable with no way to see the value of the variable or where it is set. Punting until it’s debuggable.

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            There is now a feature flagged button for toggling this in Firefox devtools, and it’s on track for being enabled by default. https://stackoverflow.com/a/60481298

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            Thanks for quoting this. I just wanted to post to confirm this is the latest state on it. Someone volunteered to do it, the tooling isn’t quite ready, but it’s a popular request and I look forward to merging it when it’s maintainable.

            Though I don’t look forward to another round of the bikeshedding that immediately popped up in the few hours this was live, and would appreciate it if folks with strong opinions on the exact colors of dark mode express them on the PR before merge. And obviously, the easiest way to see your opinion reflected on the site is to create the PR and help get it over the line. :)

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          IIRC there was a lot of bike shedding on the colors and also there’s browser support stuff too.

          To be honest I think part of this is that in the grand scheme of things there are more time sensitive/higher payoff work that can go into lobsters for the amount of effort dark mode was becoming.

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            I threw the dark mode together in a few hours, wasn’t a big deal to be honest.

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        On that note, are there any alternate user stylesheets that folks have made that they would like to share? Dark Mode or otherwise.

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          darkreader works but the colorscheme is kinda meh. I turn it on at night.

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          You can load the dark-mode CSS I wrote for lobste.rs into the Stylus extension: https://pastebin.com/raw/tQfN73az

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          What plugin do you use for alt style sheets?

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            I use Stylus myself

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            You can use greasemonkey to inject the css content at certain nodes or on page load, I am not aware of one someone has created for dark mode in lobste.rs. If someone has created the css I would be happy to make a greasemonkey script for it.

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        It’s a pity the link to the chat is not on the top line of the page. I only now find about it :/

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      I’m quite happy with the neo-dark lobsters userstyle.

      Install the Stylus addon to use it, Stylish is bad.

      Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/Iyu9sDM.png

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        This Stylus addon is awesome. Thanks for the hint. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to use it quite a lot (just made lobste.rs dark for me).

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        Stylus is pretty awesome, I’m using it to hide unneeded elements on web sites I visit often. Don’t like this bar on the top? Hide it. uBlock hides the ads, but leaves the empty space that is left unused? Hide it. Lobsters doesn’t have a dark mode? It’s just a few CSS rules and dark mode it is. HN doesn’t have dark mode? Add a bunch of other CSS rules. Don’t like this font? Change it by using 2 lines of CSS.

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          FYI, ublock origin has element pickers as well to hide custom elements. Either temporarily (“zap”) or by creating rules.

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      If you prefer to read Lobsters on a dark background instead of a light one, there are a few options. You could install the Dark Reader extension; or an extension to add your own CSS to sites like Stylus or UserCSS (never Stylish). Themes: 1 2 3 4. Discussion: 1 2 3 4

      This is taken from the last section, Trivia of the about page.

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      We’re living in an age where dark mode is becoming a must. Soon a switch for on/off will be present pretty much everyhere. It reminds me a transition of the web to HTTPS.

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        Dark mode is an aesthetic choice. Many people seem to love it; some hate it. The arguments that it’s objectively better or reduces eye strain are pretty suspect, IMHO. My objective experience is that it exacerbates my (normally mild) astigmatism by making the pupils open wider, which reduces depth of field. The only time I find it useful is when reading in bed after light-out to avoid disturbing my partner.

        Modern browsers have a way for pages to detect whether dark mode is enabled in the OS, right? Can’t lobste.rs use that?

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          If you’re worried about eye strain, just dial back the brightness. It always amazes me how we collectively make things harder by trying to make things easier and prettier:

          • Old way: monitors have physical brightness and contrast knobs. New way: buttons are ugly and we need a ton of other controls that no-one uses, so we hide everything behind invisible buttons and menus that are hard to operate. Result: it is a hassle to adjust the most basic things on a screen and no-one knows hoe to do it anymore.
          • Old way: let’s define only the structure of the document and let everyone display it the way they want. New way: we want pixel perfect control even though everyone has different pixels. Result: we need new layouts (or apps!) for every device and too bad if you don’t like the one we give you.

          If you look for it, you see this pattern everywhere.

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        Dark mode a must? Dark mode is basically the computer nerd equivalent of “this seasons in color is pink” in fashion, its at best stylistic. https has technical reasons to exist, dark mode is “lets use different colors to display things, just in dark cause that’s the new fashion”. I’m not sure they’re even close to similar. One is simply color themes.

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          You’ve misunderstood my comment. I am not comparing “dark mode” vs “https” technical implementation, just a similar trend happening in web.

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        I’m curious, what do folks use a dark mode for? A few apps have started defaulting to inverted brightness and it’s sometimes attractive, but I haven’t found a personal use case.

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          I like how it looks better, and often turn on dark mode for various programs I use if available. It’s not super important to me - I didn’t mind that lobsters didn’t have it, for instance.