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    As almost everything I manage at work is handled with Ansible, this is fantastically wonderfully delightfully adverbially-infusedly amazing.

    Here’s more background details on this project, and why it would be a revolution over the current state of Ansible: http://pythonsweetness.tumblr.com/post/165366346547/mitogen-an-infrastructure-code-baseline-that

    It’s rare that efforts like this can offer orders of magnitude better performance, but it seems within reach given what the developer has posted already.

    I’m now seriously considering getting involved in the development / testing of Mitogen.

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      I just pushed v2 of the ansible proof of concept plugin, it’s now down to the target of one request/response per call to an already uploaded playbook module, but presently it’s doing horrible things to work around Ansible’s layering. Still, 4.7 seconds for 25 steps against a local VM :) Still no magic for handling sudo or non-.py modules but those parts are easy. The future is bright.

      Check out examples/playbook/

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      This is a really awesome tool! Very interested in seeing how I can integrate this into remote processes to help with debugging/piping information back onto my machine.

      It’s really underestimated how flexible Python lets you be