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    A bit surprised that neither this nor the other posts which mentions IDE talks about these features:

    • fuzzy search of all symbols in project. That’s the primary way to navigate across file — just type the name of the type you need.
    • fuzzy search of all symbols in the current file (ideally rendered like a tree widget, as in JB IDEs) — that’s the main thing to use when jumping within a file
    • extend region/expand selection/semantic selection (that is, selecting progressively bigger valid expressions) — that’s a universal editing tool which speeds up almost any rearrangement of code.
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      They do mention it, near the bottom:

      I’ve gotten a lot of value from a few changes: Learning to use fuzzy-file-open, search, ripgrep, jump-to-definition, jump-to-uses, jump-to-errors etc to move around the codebase.

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        Yeah, this is what I mean: this list dodges the three things I find most valuable.

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      I am enjoying this series; I have the table of contents open on my phone for me to refresh every few days and find new articles.

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        There is also a feed available on the site as well.