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    Disabling paste does absolutely nothing for me if I’ve already copied the password onto the clipboard. This frustrates the user and the UI but it doesn’t ultimately do anything for security. If you’re worsening the UI and it’s not improving security, you’re moving in the wrong direction.

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      Is there a browser plugin that will enable PASTE in these situations?

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        I’d use Tampermonkey for something like that, just sets the onpaste to undefined for all input elements in the page.

        I recently switched to FF (nightly) and tried to use Greasemonkey but it seemed unusable, but then I found out Tampermonkey works on FF and Chrome and was able to port my old scripts over :)

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          That’d be tough to write because you’d have to constantly update it against various hacked-together ways of disabling paste. Better to open devtools and set the field value to something in the JS console.

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          Shameless plug for a tiny FF add-on I wrote, clears your clipboard after pasting into a password field, to avoid accidentally pasting it elsewhere