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    Interesting! I wanted to write an implementation of the awk in plan9 in Go, since there seems to exist a Law stating:

    If anything can be re-implemented in Golang, it will

    Kudos to the person who managed to do so.

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      Just a few days ago we got this story about Microsoft implementing Lua in Go and @technomancy pointed out two more implementations of the same. Is Go particularly well suited to lexers/parsers/interpreters/compilers, or is it just a popular language right now, or is it just a coincidence that I’ve seen all these things recently?

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        I like Go very much but it’s one of the last language I would call “particularly well suited to lexers/parsers/interpreters/compilers”.

        I think that there are multiple reasons:

        • it’s very easy to pick up
        • it has quite good built in set of libraries
        • building and deployment are very easy