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    I love the idea of this, having used UUCP back in the day, but I’d really like to see more concrete systems built on top of it. It’s pretty clear how to use it for email (it looks like that’s where the most time has been spent), and for syncing a shared folder of files, but it’s not that obvious to go from there to what I want to do, which is implement a Usenet-like system.

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      I’m exploring something like this right now with NNCP. My first order of affairs will be to distribute statically generated HTML pages. I also want to play around with distributing videos (maybe through youtube-dl but that might be a copyright minefield?) and eventually Usenet-style messages. The author of NNCP seems to have spent a lot of time (and it’s a joy reading the code, even if the docs are a bit scattered) on the actual engineering of the protocol and the tooling itself, so there’s a great base to start playing around with.

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      I was looking for a way to “keep up” when backcountry camping/hiking, and I stumbled upon this (independent of the previous Lobsters post.) Sadly this doesn’t seem to be Android compatible but maybe I could figure something out.

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