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    requires a reasonably modern x86 CPU. It depends on certain performance counter features that are not available in older CPUs.

    Oh? Is this no longer dependent on having an Intel CPU? Might finally be time for me to play around with this.

    Does anyone know if you get not-entirely-uninteligible results with Rust binaries? A cursory search didn’t turn up and mentions of support or explicit statements on non-support.

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      Yes, there’s support for Ryzen (3??)

      Also: rr -d rust-gdb

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        Omg I didn’t know you could use rust-gdb, thank you!!

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        rr (somewhat experimentally I iirc) supports M1: https://github.com/rr-debugger/rr/pull/3144

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          Oh, wow, that is great news. Do you know if it works in (macos-hosted) vms?

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            It doesn’t work in VMs.

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        I have heard great things about rr, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to try it: it doesn’t work on macOS and it doesn’t work in a VM (at least, it didn’t when I tried). So if you have Apple hardware at all it looks like you’re out of luck.

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          It doesn’t work on MacOS, but it will work on Apple hardware if you dual boot (also M1 iirc: https://github.com/rr-debugger/rr/pull/3144)

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