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    Seems like the author is slowly re-inventing pass.

    You also don’t need to restrict yourself to using just ed.. The author of pass has a vim plugin that disables plaintext temp files, etc in vim. when vim is invoked by pass.

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      If you use Emacs, just save a a buffer to a file ending in '.gpg and it will ask for a key to encrypt that file with. On subsequent saves it will reuse the same key.

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        Indeed; one of the best things about pass is that it’s just text files + gpg + git. After this fully sunk in, I started using it for all sort of non-password data which I edit in vim with the gpg plugin.

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          There’s also an add-on for Firefox[1] to use pass.

          [1] https://github.com/passff/passff

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            And an android app [1] compatible with pass.

            [1] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zeapo.pwdstore

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          I wonder if :W is a typo… (vs just W).