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      This is a link to the pdf you can print: https://punkx.org/panic/panic-cards.pdf And this is link to the code: https://github.com/jackdoe/programming-for-kids/tree/master/projects/panic/cards

      I am using those small programs to teach my kid how to programatically control the computer (volume, screen rotation, microphone etc), to explain how easy it is to lose your privacy, or how it takes few lines of code to turn an autoclicker into a keylogger, and how important it is to think what programs are you actually running on your computer.

      I wish we still used cdroms so I can randomly eject it :) it is the spookiest thing ever, when you are just reading something and the cdrom suddenly opens on its own.

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        It’s awesome how small these programs are!

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          yea, the pywin32 and windll stuff is surprisingly easy to use

          in general I don’t know anything about windows, but because she is required to use windows for her school laptop I thought it will be better to make the pranks work on windows

          drawing pixels through gdi with few lines of python felt very nice.

          in the same it takes only 5 lines or so use whisper and log transcribed voice, which is very scary.

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      Some minor notes I think would be worth making: Changing the time / speeding up the clock has some interesting effects in some games, and can also trigger anti-cheat / bans in other games! Similarly, Blizzard might not like World of Warcraft being interacted with via anything other than in-game scripting functions.

      might want to slip in a if exists: continue to the fill_desktop_with_files.py, in addition, maybe add a PANIC_ prefix so they will be easier to clean up.

      I’d recommend maybe anything else but minecraft, I can’t imagine the screams a household would be filled with if a kid corrupted his brother’s world!

      The drawing, printing, background changing, brightness changing, clicking, voice output, typing, et al. are really really nice, as much as they are pranks, they are also useful tools. could imagine a kid setting up the computer to say something when someone joined their MC server or similar (with the addition of an minecraft package)

      A hot-key-ish example (e.g. binding ctrl-z to ctrl-y, and visa versa) would pair well if a future revision is made (leading into keyboard controls for brightness, backgrounds, etc).

      Very cleanly done as well, great aesthetic. Makes me want to print them out regardless of not having a need (and not having a windows PC anyways)

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        Those are good points!

        I just pushed a fix to address them, of course minecraft was not a good idea because kids play hardcore, and there is one card where it waits for minecraft to be in foreground for few minutes and the presses ‘W’ which might actually destroy someone’s hardcore world by pushing them off a cliff. After that I made a WoW version, but of course hardcore World of Warcraft is just as popular now.

        Then I decided to use Fall Guys as safer option, but when I tried the program and it killed fallguys on my computer it also killed the epic store and corrupted its state and now it cant start back haha, so now I have to reinstall the epic store.

        So I ended up using Roblox :)

        Also I pushed the if not exists thing and prefixing with PANIC_ for easier cleanup.

        I will add ‘POSSIBLE ANTICHEAT TRIGGER’ comment on some cards and add a card to explain why it might trigger it, but honestly the modern anticheat systems can be triggered by very random things, I am not sure I can capture them all

        If you are going to print them I suggest you use a service that prints poker cards, they would look similarly to my other decks like https://punkjazz.org/programming-time, the style I used there is quite similar

        You might have to scale them a bit, depending on which printing company you use.

        PS: as I was doing the changes it occurred to me I can make a card that randomly alt+tabs if you have Chrome in foreground, and so I did, I will use it on my wife’s laptop :)

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      Hey @jackdoe! So nice to come across a former colleague (-: I admire your prolific and creative mind. I used your set of 4917 programmes to teach my partner basics of computers and programming. Just wanted to say hi and big thank you!

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        <3 thanks for the kind words

        I made the 4917 cards almost a year ago, and it took a while to get my daughter interested in them, but at some point she was able to read/write programs just in machine code without looking at the mnemonics

        after that it was much easier to get into riscv assembler, and sometimes I still use 4917 analogies to explain something