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    You would think with recent issues regarding domestic spying in the US, some company would find it useful to keep something like OpenBSD in business. I’ve always enjoyed the OpenBSD experience, so here’s hoping someone with deep pockets funds it for a while longer.

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      The OpenBSD foundation does accept recurring donations.

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        The HN thread on this is pretty amusing. I love all the comments from people saying they would donate or contribute but don’t just because they think Theo is an asshole.

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          I do like the suggestion that the requested amount be increased to $40k: $20k to pay for electricity and $20k to pay for an accountant to say that $20k was spent on electricity.

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          One thing in that thread that is pretty quickly overlooked is that it isn’t supporting all these architectures that pulls away dev efforts (generally speaking). Not to mention the benefits aren’t always finding alignment bugs… it could also be a design issue. Disk subsystems are different on different machines. Some machines have a device tree you can scan and others do not. Designing your OS and kernel for these types of things is important because, inevitably hardware changes. If we’ve pinned ourselves in a corner because we only think or care about hardware pattern X, it requires a lot more work to redo things. History repeats itself :) Personally I think there is a balance as well, but IMO we aren’t on either end of the extreme yet.

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            And in general, the other architectures help prevent architecture monoculture from dominating the way we do things.

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            How much is that yearly electricity bill? Just wondering…

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              ~20k CAD