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Thanks to lobsters I have found two awesome games that I have been playing for the last two weeks:

I downloaded but did not really played a lot of Bussard. Seems really interesting. I would also like to test Stockfighter, the information on the webpage seems cool enough to check it.

What other good games is the community playing or what do you recommend checking out? They don’t need to be PC/console/graphical games or even new games, but games that you find interesting and you recommend to guys like us.

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      I’ve been playing a good bit of multiplayer Factorio the past week.

      Imagine the fully software development cycle, but in the form of a physical factory. There are factory factories and factory constructors as you get to the late game.

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        I just launched my first rocket in factorio a few weeks ago and wow it felt like a real journey. I had a huge rail system set up to try and keep up with the plastic and sulfur needs of my assembly lines and had at least two power outage crises featuring bug swarms halfway through

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      The Last Express. It’s the only game I’ve played that managed to have characters that felt real, natively in the game.

      Chrono Trigger. The swansong of an era and an artform, just incredibly polished in all regards.

      Planetarian: not really a game but packaged that way. A heavy-handed, melodramatic style of storytelling that it turns out I like.

      Kerbal Space Program: my first successful moon landing was probably the greatest feeling of achievement in any videogame I’ve played.

      Playing at the moment: Sunrider, as much out of affection for its technology stack as anything else. Not far enough in to recommend or not.

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        play space engineers. it’s the non-orbital mechanics parts of kerbal space program plus procedural terrain, better performance, and deforming/destructible ship parts

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          But the orbital mechanics is the fun part

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        Wow, I did not expect to come across someone else here who have also played (well, “read”) Planetarian!

        I originally read that visual novel over a decade ago, and my interest was recently revived when I heard about an Anime adaptation (though I can’t see it being anywhere near as impactful–I felt like the original VN was enjoyable/memorable because of its rather abrupt shortness. I can’t see it being drawn out to an entire season and still maintain a good pacing).

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      If you haven’t played the old classics, give a chance to Planescape: Torment, Chronotrigger and The Longest Journey.

      If you want to wash yourself in adrenaline and dopamine, play Bioshock Infinite. If you want to enjoy an interactive movie from a prospective female writer, watch^W play the new Tomb Raider.

      If you are into fun puzzles, play both Portal and Portal 2.

      Finally, some modern adventure games happened recently. Namely Chains of Satinav + Memoria and Life is Strange. Both are very good.

      And least but not last, if you live anywhere near Poland (or V4 for that matter), play Witcher 3. Authors also run GOG, so check the top games there.

      Arkham Horror is a great board game, by the way.

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      I’m not a big game player. I used to like to play pinochle (partner auction), and I liked that a lot. Like poker, you play the person, but unlike poker, you’re also playing your partner, and the dynamic that this adds is very exciting to me.

      Friends of mine recently introduced me to Sheriff of Nottingham. My kid really responded well to the idea that you argue with the sheriff to not check your sack, and you can make whatever offer part of that argument that you like. Recently the bargain was to “not check my sack when you’re next sheriff”. The scores went up a lot higher that game.

      In steam, I am playing Hyper Light Drifter and Risk of Rain more than I probably should.

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      Currently on my NG+ play-through for Witcher 3 (including Hos&B+W). I can’t recommend W3 enough. It gets especially deep on the second play-through with a character as the meta starts to really come into its own (signs, oils etc.)

      For online stuff, I logged back into World of Tanks after taking a ~3 month break post clan wars, and it is just as much of a dumpster fire as I remember.

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      • Victoria II by Paradox Interactive: A very complex and historically accurate game. Made easier by the fact that if you aren’t an adept player, history generally proceeds as normal. The better you are, the more you can influence the course of history. The time period is 1836-1936, and you can play as any nation in the world. The famous nations have special content, of course. USA is a good introduction to the game, as it exposes you to many of the core concepts. Uniting Germany is very difficult; mad props to Bismarck. Sweden, Russia, and Japan are all fun to play. China is an interesting challenge. I always try to industrialize early.

      • Kerbal Space Program: Learning by trial and error is loads of fun. Everyone seems to play this game differently. I’ve been enjoying simple airflight since they overhauled atmosphere physics. I actually haven’t left Kerbin (Earth) on this playthrough yet.

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      I mostly relax with brutally hard twitch action games, because when I have to focus every second or die I can slip into a non-conscious flow state. Really good games for this have been Trials: Evolution, Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, Risk of Rain, and currently Crypt of the Necrodancer.

      I’ve played the first couple levels of Stockfigher as excuse to write Haskell; it’s nice enough, but it’s pretty much directly business programming. I found TIS-100 to be a wonderful, mind-bending programming game. I’ll have to check out Bussard, thanks for the mention.

      For strategy, Civ 5 had such a muddled UI that I couldn’t play it, Crusader Kings II is amazing, Endless Legend is decent (with turrrrible docs), and I’m delighted that Windows 10 runs Spaceward Ho!, which has been patiently waiting in a zip file for 15+ years.

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        Super Hexagon was also good, if you haven’t tried it yet.

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          Oh, and Hotline Miami

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            Thanks, I’ve put them in my queue.

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        Try Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior. Both on hard. SW with katana only (apart from bosses). Excellent relaxation.

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          I appreciate the challenge suggestions, but almost all FPS games give me motion sickness these days. Kind of a bummer.

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      “guys like us” =^(


      • Factorio
      • Mini Metro
      • Dungeons & Dragons
      • Exercism.io ;^)
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        Heh, I would have been happier not noticing the gendered term, but thank you for mentioning it. Mentioning that stuff when it happens is the only way people’s habits are going to change.

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      I loved Titanfall for it’s speed and directness and I hope for the sequel to be equally good. I love fast and high-stress games. Also enjoying the new Doom.

      For travel, I have a couple of simple and not very intensive games, currently Aeon Command.

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      Guild of Dungeoneers on iOS is fun. I also very much recommend SpaceChem, TIS-100, Reassembly, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, Door Kickers, Kerbal Space Program, Portal, Portal 2, and One Finger Death Punch.

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      I play a lot of Dota 2, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it.

      A game I’d recommend to “guys like us” would probably be TIS-100, it’s pretty hard and great fun!

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        I play a lot of Dota 2, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it.

        This is how I feel about csgo.

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      Nethack, Pixel Dungeon, and sometimes I count primes for fun.

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        Ah, I forgot to mention Pixel Dungeon. I think it’s probably the most fun rogue-like for mobile.

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      Cities: Skyline: Can’t beat it, the Sim City we needed about 5 years ago.

      Absolute Drift: A “zen like” drifting game. The unchangeable controls drive me nuts, change gears with A and B on a controller :( But once you get in the zone, linking 8 or more drifts together is just glorious. Warning, it is one of those games that takes minutes to get into and hours to really master.

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      Been into these lately:

      • Overwatch
      • Rimworld, recommended if you’re into heavily Firefly influenced worlds.
      • Nethack
      • Dark Souls III, such a beautiful and fascinating game
      • Pokémon GO, I like collecting Pokémon and walking!

      Danganronpa also interests me a lot, anyone tried it? I did like Phoenix Wright series on DS.

      Interested getting more Overwatch and Steam-friends. Send me a private message and lets exchange ids. :)

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      These days I play mostly Halo 5 and Overwatch, along with some Pokemon Omega Ruby from time to time (mostly just filling out the Pokedex at this point).

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      My free time’s mostly been

      • Rocket League (rocket-equipped rc car soccer)
      • Space Engineers (creative game that likes killing you because space)
      • Assetto Corsa (racing sim where the tracks are laser scanned)

      dm me if you want to exchange steam ids

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        Pleased to see imbroglio here :) although if anyone is interested in a strategic iOS roguelike, I especially recommend 868 HACK

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      Overwatch on Xbox and Trambahn on tabletop :)

      Trambahn is a fun little 2 player game where you have to manage your resources effectively to out-build the other player in terms of number of tram stations and lines.

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      I’m not really much of a gamer, but these are some of the games I enjoy:

      • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
      • IL-2:1946 (make sure you install a mod pack like CUP by the folks over at SAS1946.com, the default textures and models are a little dated)
      • Wolfenstein ET. I’ve been thinking of buying Arma 2 at some point, anything I should know before I make the purchase? Any recommendations on which version of Arma 2 to buy?
      • Chess. I play over at chess.com, my username is the same as it is here. If you want to watch really good chess commentary, try Kingscrusher on YouTube. If you think chess is all about memorization without any real skill, this video should prove you wrong ;)
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        That was a really interesting game video.

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          It really was. Also, Kingscrusher has a ton of enthusiasm for chess, I’ll try to find some of his hyper-enthusiastic videos later today. They can be pretty entertaining. :)

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      HotS is my go-to for serious gaming, and Overwatch for just screwing around.

      I recently played through FF9 on PC and found it absolutely lovely. Highly recommended.

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      Honestly? Anything Paradox Interactive.

      They’re games are consistently good, and they age like good wine. Though I do recommend waiting for a sale, as all those 2$-15$ dollar dlc’s can be a big pill to swallow. The good news is you dont need the expansions to play multiplayer, if someone has an expansion you dont have, it will be acticated for the duration of the game.

      If you prefer a classic rts theres always 0ad, mostly inspired by age of empires, but free and open source.

      Then rpg side I’ve been enjoying the witcher 3 lately. I also recommend checking out the enhanced editions of baldurs gate. (And dont forget planescape!!)

      I also find Endless Legends to be pretty decent, though it can feel slow sometimes, I just havent been able to find multiplayer buddies, so I mostly spend my multi time on Stellaris or civ 5

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      I’ve been super impressed with SpaceChem; the logic puzzles in that are a ton of fun. Good progression where you frequently are faced with impossible-looking challenges only to realize you can apply something you already learned from a recent level in a new way. My kids love playing it with me, even if they probably couldn’t get very far on their own. Excellent soundtrack.

      In a very different vein, I recently finished PlaneScape Torment, which features some of the best writing and character development I’ve seen in a game. It twists a bunch of common RPG tropes in creative ways too, which I always appreciate. There’s a successor game in the works that looks fantastic too.

      I had Primordia recommended to me as a game that hearkens back to the feel of the old Sierra adventures without the frustrating often-nonsensical-puzzle aspects. I’m not very far through it, but the art and atmosphere the build around this post-apocalyptic robot-inhabited wasteland is top-notch.

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      Some of the games I recommend:

      Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Competitive (and hard) shooter with a strong and big community (the tournaments are awesome to watch)

      Epic Manager. Funny and hard Management-Adventure-RPG (hard to explain, fun to play!)

      Project Cars and Dirt Rally. If you like to drive, this games are really awesome.

      Ori and the blind forest. Beautiful platform game, I really loved to play this game. and to improve our coding skills:

      Screeps. A programmable sandbox strategy MMO.

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      Overwatch, Guild Wars 2.

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      No love for The Witness?

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      As an old Amiga guy I really like Escape Goat 2, a 2d platformer where you have to solve puzzles. SteamWorld Dig is nice, too and of course Factorio. Democracy 3 is a lot of fun if you’re into politics and economics. Also I’m looking forward to the point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park. Another gem is Paint the Town Red, but only if you like voxel blood.