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      Looks clean and loads quickly. Contrast is a little low due to the light-grey background, but maybe that’s because of my font settings. The selected languages (“Top Languages”) are packed with good highlights and represent a nice cross-section of popular languages that should serve as good entrypoints to the database.

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        Thank you for the helpful review! I agree about the colors. At some point in the next few weeks I expect to have the theme refined.

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      Interesting that the growth data is pretty smooth over time.

      I would expect it to be quite noisy due to hype cycles, development of new tooling, and the difficulty of deciding what counts as a notable programming language.

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        I agree. I expected more volatility. The dataset is still not even half complete, of course, so will be interesting to see how it develops. I’ll also make it so you can drill in more.

        That’s a good thought on tooling’s impact. 1995 (when web started taking off) was clearly a big year for languages: https://pldb.com/lists/languages.html?filter=1995

        It would be fun to look at hype cycles in the data!