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    fun! I do wish there was a way to see the non 8-bitized pics (though I like them as default). I’m finding myself googling the actual article a lot just to see them.

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      > focus on
      You start to focus on your surroundings.
      > look
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      > go dennis
      You can't move to Dennis, because no coordinates are defined for this Wikipedia article.

      It’s a basic direction - how could they not support that?

      Myself, while this is trying to go for the Infocom adventures, I’m reminded a little of MindMaze - god, how I loved that game…

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        Great concept! Wish you could do more than just walk around though. Some ideas:

        • listen to play the audio clips for pages that have them;
        • read the other parts of the article, with a text-based way of navigating the TOC
        • walk through a stargate and end up in the parallel universe of e.g. French Wikipedia, for articles that link to their French equivalent :)
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          • Export the sequence of lat/lng from your journey, and draw them on a map.