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    Please don’t upvote growth hacking.

    Especially when it’s rehashed content from Reddit.

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      Easy to say. I spent 2 days researching and putting that into one quality piece of work. Is that worth anything?

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        Your title is growth hacker. You signed the piece as a growth hacker.

        Is that worth anything?

        Whatever salary you got paid to write it, I would imagine. :)

        You have to understand, right, that if Lobsters becomes known as a useful channel for people in your profession the site quality will suffer as it gets flooded with content marketing. This happens on the orange site, this happens elsewhere.

        That’s why I’m such a pain in the ass about it.

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          I found this content valuable and relevant to my interests.

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        I’m not sure what @friendlysock sees here as growth hacking. It’s a well structured community biographeme on a modern technology. Sure some comments are whatever, but there are others from capaj and swiftonespeaks which are rather deep.

        As the principal member of a 1 man full stack team, graphql has been in my periphery as a tool by which I may be able to DRY up data access patterns and facilitate frontend development. I was unaware of the different orm integration tools, so that’s definitely cool. However the mentioned verboseness of efficient data query bindings makes me think it might be not be best for what I am looking for (reducing cognitive overhead and overall workload). Could be interesting to try for interactive analytics however, since that’s a good place to flex query layer flexibility.