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    Sorry for the tangential question but does anyone know if Emacs works natively with wayland now or is that slated with the next major release?

    There was a pgtk branch that I heard of. I also heard it was close to being merged but couldn’t follow it after that.

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      Yes! The pgtk branch was merged a while back. It’s still slated to be released in Emacs 30 I believe, but you can build and use the development version right now. I’ve been using it for the past few months and it works well, another big feature is that tree-sitter (named “treesit” internally) is now built-in.

      Edit: I’m currently using commit 1c39347d58533280bae74c712ad0016a5c8992aa and it’s been very stable with Sway and Emacs running as a daemon.

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        Pure GTK was merged to master a long while ago and will be included in Emacs 29, currently in pretest.

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      I’m personally fond of (global-)hl-line-mode.

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        it has tiny yet a noticeable lag, especially on Mac. Once I felt it I couldn’t use it anymore. I sometimes turn it on for specific buffers.

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          It’s completely synchronous with moving the point on my setups (2x macbooks, 1x linux desktop).

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          Good one! I used to have that also. I think I disabled it after switching to a box orange cursor.