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    We removed the floppy drive, and people said we were wrong. We weren’t. We removed the CD drive, and again people said we were wrong. We weren’t.

    There is a grain of truth to this… Critics also said the Macbook Air was a joke (OMG, no ethernet??? It’s a toy for children!), but I see them everywhere I go. The seven people still using phones with keyboards will disagree, but they weren’t wrong about going all in on touch. Or non replaceable batteries.

    In six months when Samsung makes a jackless phone… “They copied this from Apple.” “No, they didn’t. It’s such an obvious thing to do.”

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      In six months when Samsung makes a jackless phone… “They copied this from Apple.” “No, they didn’t. It’s such an obvious thing to do.”

      Some of the new Motorola phones have ditched the headphone jack. In addition, HTC and some other OEMs years ago use ExtUSB only - this was miniUSB plus it could carry things like analog audio. However, I think most phones with ExtUSB shipped an adapter for using both the USB cable and the audio.

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        Heh. Thanks for the perspective. I hadn’t heard of this since all anybody talks about is the pending iphone apocalypse, but it also fits the pattern that there’s always a prior example for all of Apple’s innovations, even if they don’t have much market success.

        I like Irene’s comment. Samsung doesn’t copy Apple. They copy Motorola, but only after Apple copies Motorola. :)

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          Oh, and one more thing: Technically, you could make a phone with micro-USB and MHL only, using the MHL pins for digital audio. No one ever did this to my knowledge, however.

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          Also, hilariously, the first Android G1 almost a decade ago.

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            Also made by HTC ;)

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          The more truthful version of that criticism will be “they relied on Apple to take the risk to their brand, before they felt safe doing it”. It’s questionable that it’s really that big a risk, but it is a real one.

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            If the Lindy effect is right, it will be more difficult to kill the headphone jack. I saw the CD come and go, and the floppy disk is not that much older.

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              I think one important factor is the extent to which new accessories work with older devices, although there’s often a focus on old accessories with new devices.

              Consider ethernet and wifi. We couldn’t move to all wireless networks until every device had a wifi adapter. The limiting factor wasn’t really how many wired networks there were, but whether switching from wired to wireless would shut anybody out. The answer was basically noone.

              Similarly, the limiting factor with lightning headphones is how many devices can use them. In the Apple universe, that’s almost 100%, going back to the iphone 5. Basically, they’ve laid the groundwork for forwards compatible devices over the past four years.

              That said, I have no plans to upgrade in the near future. I like my headphones just the way they are.

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            Hm, I find most jokes about Apple taxing.

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              It would be nice if Apple paid more/any tax.

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              In case the creator of this site is lurking here: you really, really need to make a jab at the whole “courage” thing!

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                Oh, if you liked this, you may also consider a [roundup of all fake iphone news https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-09-08/apple-fiction-and-robot-hiring].