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    Sharing this from elsewhere: If you’re interested to see a comparison of parallel programming in a number of functional languages check this repo out. It includes multicore OCaml, parallel MLton (but not Poly/ML, which has been around and parallel longer), Haskell, Futhark, F#, Scala, and Rust. Credit to Sam Westrick for turning me on to this.

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      I like that there is a comparison repo. I didn’t look at everything, but the Rust code seems fairly straightforward, with no obscure tricks of zaniness.

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      Excellent stuff, I know they’ve been working on this for a long time and it must be a huge moment for them. Party time!

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        Big congratulations to everyone involved! ❤️

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          The real work for the community only starts here. There’s a lot of non-reentrant code around from all that time when it was safe to assume that only one thread runs OCaml code at any time. I’ve been removing the internal mutable state from my own projects for a while in preparation for this, but there’s still much more to do to ensure that the ecosystem is multicore-ready by default.