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      Very nice. That’s less than half the cost of the simulator setup I needed last time I had to make this work.

      I spent way too much time in the 90s digging up details of how the phone system worked, and watching this made me smile all the way down to the (non-) explanation of 33.6 vs 57.6k.

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      The ringtone on my supercomputer-in-my-pocket phone is the 56k (v.90) negotiation sequence. Getting phone calls and hearing “DEE DEE DEE DEE weeow weeow kahskahskshsksjsmsjs” is fun.

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      Now that was a fun watch. I’m half tempted to set up a home telephone network with my PowerMac G4 and checks notes idk crap I don’t have any other modem hardware…good thing it’s cheap!

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        His videos are exceptionally well produced and technically detailed. Seems like the kind of person that would be on lobsters.

        Wholly recommend the ones on the RF modulator in the NES and the history of home video.