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Predicated, of course, on someone having the time and effort to conduct them. They were quite enjoyable.



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    I was just thinking about this! Maybe I can find some time to talk to some people…

    Who would you like to see interviewed?

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        Perhaps Gary Bernhardt or Joe Armstrong?

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          If you can intro me to them I would love to interview them! Do they use the site?


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            I don’t think I can help with that, sorry! I don’t have contact to these people myself. I’d just like to read a interview with them.

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        That’s really really neat!

        I didn’t know we had something like that.

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          @jcs and I chatted on IRC about them a week or two ago. I would like to pick them up and put my journalism chops to good use, but I’m at a very busy time in my life and will be mostly offline from mid-Nov to the new year. If nobody’s picked them up by then, I will.